Summer colds…

There are few things worse than having a full blown cold during the summer months.  The sniffling, the aches, the sneezing and stuffy nose – all when it is 85+ degrees and with extreme humidity.  This does not bode well for being able to breathe or recover quickly.  I’m trying to do all of my usual tricks – tea, chicken soup, rinse and repeat. Thank goodness my office is an icebox or I really wouldn’t be able to cope.


Amazing chicken soup from the local deli. Glad they have it on hand year-round.


The Well Rounded Life – something I try hard to achieve, but with some stumbles along the way.

Eek…my first blog post!  I’ve never thought of myself as a writer, but I have felt compelled recently to start this crazy thing.  This will be a very eclectic collection of my thoughts, life and work.  And, of course, there will be many recipes along the way.

Choosing a name for this blog has been a bit of a challenge!  I finally settled on “The Well-Rounded Life.”  I strive to balance my family, work, friends and social obligations.  Not to mention squeezing in my favorite hobbies and intense workouts.  As I’m sure many of you can relate, I find myself struggling often with work/life balance on a daily basis.

A bit about me…I’m a mom, have a demanding job and am one of those people who think I can do it all, but have learned lessons along the way that I need to let some things go and only do those that are the most important.  I remember reading an article early in my career about how to decide what is most important in the moment.  It’s the 5-5-5 rule (or something like that).  This is how it works, if you have competing demands, ask yourself who will remember your decision (or still be mad at you) in 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days, 5 weeks, etc.  If it is something that your children will still be reminding you about when they are 30 years-old, the family event wins.  If it will make or break your career, work wins.  Of course there are a lot of gray areas here, but it has really helped me with not feeling guilty about missing the school pumpkin carving or leaving a colleague hanging with finishing one of my projects.

More to come…