OMG!  Another draft from August that I  never posted.  I’m now in the middle of my next stay-cation!  I actually accomplished many of the goals on my original list.  So, here’s the updated one:

  1. Finish cleaning out hall closet.  Many items have already been tossed or put/sold on ebay.  Time to finish the project.
  2. Spend time with my son!!  We are going to be seeing a ton of movies this vacation.
  3. Workout, workout, workout – I’ve just started a weight training program and have already seen some nice progress.


From Aug. 2014:

Actually, it is really a stay-cation, and I have a lot of goals for it.

  1. Clean out hall closet.
  2. Clean out bedroom closet.
  3. Sort closet items into keep, give away, throw away and ebay piles.
  4. List items on ebay*.
  5. Workout everyday!  (Ok, I have to admit that this is an easy one for me since I have become addicted to my workouts.)

*If they haven’t sold in 3 months, give them away!  It’s not worth keeping the clutter any longer.  I am a closet hoarder –literally.  You walk into my home and at first glance everything is organized and put away – until you open my closets.


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