A reading list for 2015…

Every year on my birthday, I write out personal goals for myself.  They always include one year, five year, and ten year goals; and run the gamut of personal, work, the frivolous and the serious.  One of my goals from this past birthday (in September) was to read a book a month.  Seems simple, right?  Well, I have failed miserably already.  I used to devour at least a book a week, but the demands of life and work and the distractions of social media, TV, netflix, computers, etc. etc have derailed me from this goal.  I mean binge watching Mad Men isn’t a bad thing, right? Well, maybe.

Reading was on my goal list last year as well, but I didn’t track my progress so I don’t know if I actually accomplished this goal.  Accountability does matter!!  I saw another blogger categorize her reading goals into the types of books she wanted to read and I loved that idea!! So, I thought I would give a try yet again.  Here is my list – some of which were on hers.  This is strictly my reading for pleasure list and does NOT include any books that I’m reading for work.

1. A bestseller. Leaving Time by Jody Picoult.
2. A biography.
3. A book written by a friend or relative.
4. A book about music.
5. A science-fiction novel.
6. A romance. A Fall of Marigolds by Susan Meissner
7. A murder mystery.
8. A health or fitness book.
9. A young adult book that I can read with my son.
10. A book that is unfinished on my kindle.
11. A book that’s been sitting on my bookshelf, unread, for years. (There are many.)
12. A book that is on my nightstand and half-read.

 As I’ve written this list, I realize how just how many books I’ve started over the past few years and have never finished.  It’s incredibly embarrassing!!  Now that I think of it, if I just finish those books I could probably hit all the other items on the list as well!!


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