Someone is proud of me?

This daily prompt asked when someone last said they were proud of you.  I can’t remember specific instances, but I know there are a few folks who say this to me in their own ways even if they don’t use these specific words.  I often tell my son I’m proud of him, especially when I know that he worked hard to accomplish something.  Whether it was a good grade on a test or perfecting a magic trick.

I think that this is one of those areas where you just have to pay it forward.  Tell more people that you are proud of them, they tell others and soon enough you start to hear it on occasion too.


3 thoughts on “Someone is proud of me?

  1. Linda Tharp says:

    Thinking back to when my girls were younger, I don’t remember actually using the word “proud,” which now makes me sad. Hopefully the papers hung on the ‘frig and the “good job!” comments count for something–otherwise there may be a psychiatrist’s couch in their future. Enjoyable post!


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