Binge eating…

I wrote the below post about three weeks ago, but I wasn’t ready to share it.  I didn’t have a real binge recently.  Just some run of the mill overeating, especially when I was stuck home because of all the snow we’ve been getting.  There were definitely times in my life that I would buy bags of chips, cookies, etc and eat it all in one sitting.  Ever get takeout just for yourself and they give you 3 forks?  That’s how you know you ordered too much, but I would still eat almost all of it.  Like I said below, it has been years since I have done this.  If I overeat just a little now, I don’t feel well.  It’s just not worth it to bury my feelings with food.  I’ve learned to address them head on – even when extremely uncomfortable to do so.

I’ve never really talked about my struggles with binge eating. No one close to me , my family and friends, know that this is something that is a challenge for me. It started in my early teens and I didn’t really get it under control until my late twenties. It’s surprising that I was never over 200 lbs. That was the ceiling that I had decided was my absolute limit. I mean, I wasn’t really that fat if I was still in the 100s, right? Why I am mentioning this now? Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a true binge but I have been so hungry lately. I’m doing some self exploration of why I’m hungry. I know it isn’t a physical hunger and I need to understand what emotionally is pushing me to eat so much. My goal is to get it under control this week. I want to get back on track with my weight loss. I’ve hit a low of 155 and am focusing on lower my body fat %. I’ve started lifting heavy weights, moving away from the machines. I will reach my goals by putting the best quality and right quantities of food/fuel in my body.


2 thoughts on “Binge eating…

  1. Linda Tharp says:

    You’ve written a powerful post, one I can relate to. I’ve never binged but I’ve been overly cautious about diet and exercise–if not downright obsessed–for a long, long time. I lost about 50 pounds probably 25 years ago and every time I look in the mirror, it’s the old me looking back. Food is so tough. I’m not saying recovering alcoholics don’t have it hard, but food is a different animal–it’s something we can’t walk away from, like alcohol. We need the very thing we’re often abusive towards.

    I applaud your openness. I could take a lesson from you!


    • Beth F. says:

      Thanks Linda. You are right that while not the same as other addictions, it is not something you can just walk away from. I still have to eat everyday. I can go months, without problems and it is usually when everything is going wrong at once – work, home, etc – that I have the greatest urges.


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