“Don’t let perfection get in the way of excellence.”

Or “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good” or whatever your version of this quote is. It seems that many of us struggle with this.  We all are taught to do our best and I often find myself telling others (and me too) that they should give 110% to whatever they are working on.  But where does that really get us?

I’ve seen projects at work never come to fruition because of the desire to get to perfect.  I see my son so frustrated and crying because the homework he is doing is not exactly as he had imagined it.  I see on fitness and weight loss sites people so upset if they eat a cookie.  Who cares!  I bet it tasted good and it was just one cookie.  It doesn’t derail the entire day or overall goals.

There should be a balance between doing your best, but not making yourself and others upset or even crazy, while constantly redoing work and making tweaks.  I haven’t quite found that happy medium yet.  To be honest, my “medium” leans heavy towards perfect, but I want to find this place.  This is something I continue to work on and I know I will be significantly less stressed if I just learn to let a few things go.  And hey, my almost perfect is better than a lot of peoples perfect!


2 thoughts on ““Don’t let perfection get in the way of excellence.”

  1. Linda Tharp says:

    You mind reader, you. I was about to initiate my morning ritual of mental self-flogging before I *GASP* started writing when I checked my email one more time, and saw your post. Someday I’ll find a happy medium, but for today, thanks for the reminder that sometimes almost perfect is pretty darn good.


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