Writing101: Day 3…

Today’s assignment was a one word inspiration. I chose secrets from the list provided.  It jumped out at me because of a recent conversation I had with someone about keeping secrets.  He insisted that the only to keep one is to not tell a single person.  While I partly agree, it just doesn’t seem healthy to me.  We all have secrets: good, special, embarrassing, joyful, shameful.  We choose what to share with select others and what to keep to ourselves.  The worst secrets will eat away at you if kept inside.  The good ones should be told.  We should celebrate with each other.


Lists, lists, lists…

The 2nd assignment for Writing 101 is write a list.  What a perfect assignment for me.  What can I say, I love lists, and I have written about them before on this blog.

My list of lists

A bucket list (which needs some updating)

A reading list for 2015 (I promise I have read more than I indicate here. Just need to update it!)

And that’s just my personal lists.  At work, I’m very process oriented and create many workflows and checklists.  A few years back, a colleague recommended the book A Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande.  I have been known to bring this to meetings to stress the importance of not just reading the checklist once, but following it every time!

So, the assignment was to really hone in on “things I like”, “things I’ve learned” or “things I wish”.  My earlier lists cover some of them, but I’m never one to shy away from creating new lists.

Things I like:

  • Rainbows
  • My family
  • Fine wine
  • Spending time with friends
  • The high I get from a great workout
  • Quiet time to read a book with no interruptions
  • The smell of old library books
  • Fall foliage
  • Chocolate
  • Dressing up to the nines
  • Lounging at home in my sweats

Why I write…

Why do I write?  This is the first question in the Writing 101 course and in some ways I think the hardest.

So, why did I sign up for this course, why do I write?  I do this to become a better writer, a faster writer, a more articulate writer.  One who does not get hung-up on being perfect and censoring the version of myself being presented to the outside world.  I write so others know exactly what I’m thinking and feeling – no assumptions or guessing.  It’s so much easier to keep everything inside, but I want to consonantly be growing. Writing is challenging and can be uncomfortable, but the end results are so satisfying.